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About Us

We are designed to understand & deliver the best.

At Ampersand – Office renovation Singapore, we aim to provide a one-stop design-and-build office renovation service that is holistic,
strategic and in accordance to our clients’ needs. We do this by placing our unrivalled attention to details and deliver tasteful office design that is complemented with functional aesthetics.

The Ampersand (&) is one of the most unique and recognisable
characters in the world of typography. A ligature of the letters E and To (’et’ is Latine for ‘and’), it’s continuous curves and bold lines embodies the fundamental philosophy of our company — always going the extra mile to undertstand the needs of our clients and using what we know to amplify their presence.

We approach each project with new eyes and do our very best to
understand it from every angle possible. We conduct extensive research upfront to make sure that our design concept and proposal materials don’t just work but are a game changer in the design landscape. We balance this innovation with function while making sure that the end product is aligned with our client’s corporate identity.

Always going the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients
& using what we know to amplify their presence.

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of corporate clients,
from local SMEs to local and regional MNCs.