Benefits of Using a Design & Build Company for Your Office Interior Design and Renovation Needs

At some point, the need for office interior design services will arise for almost all companies. When this happens, the company would have to decide on how they would like to go about their office renovation plans. There is more than one way that a company can choose to execute the project. 

Traditionally, a company would engage more than one company for the whole office interior design and renovation process, one company to manage the project, one to design the office and maybe another one to build the actual office. However, in recent years, the concept of design & build has become the more popular option. The concept of design & build means that instead of having 2 or 3 separate contracts with different companies, the company only has 1 contract with 1 company.

There are many benefits of using a design and build company. However, some companies still prefer to use the traditional method because they want to spread the risk especially if it is their first time working with the vendor. If the company awards the whole project to the same provider and the provider does not deliver, the whole project will be in jeopardy. In this blog post, we will be sharing the top benefits of engaging a design & build company.

Cost saving 

Usually, the cost of having two or three separate contracts would be much higher than having just one contract. The price quoted by a design and build company will be much more competitive when including the project management fee together with the design & build cost. Also, the design & build company has a higher incentive to better manage the cost of the project as compared to a project management company since they are responsible for the whole project.

Better communication  

When working with a single vendor, the message is delivered directly from the client to the interior design company and the interior design company can clarify with the client immediately if they have any questions without the need to go through a middleman. This means that the chance of miscommunication is reduced significantly. Also, this would reduce any discrepancies between the design and construction objectives. 

Having years of experience working together, the communication within the design & build team will be stronger than the communication between different companies because they understand each other well and have already built a strong rapport. 

Total Accountability

In the case of engaging a single company to oversee the whole interior design project, the interior design company will take on the whole responsibility of the project. Any mistakes or issues that arise will have to be rectified by the interior design company even if the work is being subcontracted to another company under the interior design company. There will not be a case of finger-pointing and shifting blame. This also means that there will be less risk for the client. 

Time-Saving/ More convenient

While it may seem like a good idea to assign a project management company to oversee the work done by the interior design company so that the client can focus on their core work, the level of involvement by the client is usually the same or even more. The client often must have meetings with the project management company as well as separate meetings with both the project management company to make sure that all parties are aligned.

If the client needs to speed up the renovation process, they need to be aware that having a middleman may extend the duration of construction because delays due to lack of communication or misunderstandings are much more common in the traditional approach. The design & build system helps save time because it is highly adaptive and responsive during the construction period. 

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