Aspects to Think About When Deciding on Getting Corporate Interiors Done

 Just like the first impression is the last impression when it comes to any individual; the Interior also plays a vital role in giving a particular impression about the place to the visitor. And when it comes to corporate interiors, the impact these have on the viewer even becomes more vital. In cities like Singapore, […]

Renovation From Time to Time is the Key to Durable Buildings

Just like the human body needs maintenance and care from time to time, buildings also need renovation from time to time. These renovations and maintenance work adds to the life and durability of the building. Especially when it comes to commercial buildings, renovation becomes a must from time to time; also, many commercial buildings have […]

Looks Matter!

Office renovations have come a long way since olden times. These days companies set aside a whole lot of budgets for their office renovation, keeping into consideration the importance it holds. Many psychologists have also associated office renovations with improved productivity in the long run. It has been seen that making changes from time to […]

3 Golden Rules Followed by Companies Providing Office Design and Project Services

Office designing and renovations are such projects which need a lot of brooding on the part of the client company. Office designing is much more than getting a layout ready and working on it. Aspects like office project management, budget building, budget maintenance, and many others go into the implementation phase. Fulfilling all these requirements […]

How to Choose the Best Designers for Small Office Renovation Singapore

Singapore is a hub for global business and this is why there is a demand for office space in this city state. Other than the usual multi-national conglomerates there is a fair share of business conducted by smaller companies. These smaller companies have smaller offices and they need to make the most of the commercial […]

A Checklist for Commercial Building Renovation

Commercial building renovation is all about adding more value to the existing corporate structure and making more space within the infrastructural limitation. There are many big names associated with commercial building renovation that have their hands in reviving some of the world’s famous corporate buildings. A lot goes into making the plan of a commercial […]

A New Look

Commercial office renovation means the process of reconstructing and enhancing an already established office. Companies these days tend to refresh their office look after every 2-3 years to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and therefore commercial office renovations are quite a common activity to be seen these days all over the world. The basic […]