Office Space Planning

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An office space is generally considered a sacred place. The atmosphere of an office resonates with the interior of an office. Good aesthetic interiors with optimum utilisation of an office space reflects in positive atmosphere for the employees. A positive atmosphere helps the employees settle down and help in increasing productivity. The first step is […]

Budget Renovation

Office Spaces in Singapore need constant remodelling. An office space needs to be set in a way that the employees are made comfortable around the space and it must also be made sure that there is optimum utilisation of the space. The ultimate goal of interior remodelling of an office space is for the office […]

Tips for Choosing a Company providing Affordable Renovation in Singapore

If you do business in Singapore, you would want your office to look nice and work-friendly. Crowded workplace leads to mismanagement and chaos. For your business image and productivity of employees, you need to modernize the office space. The place should give an impression of a workplace that does legit business. Remodeling the office is […]

4 Factors to consider when you’re planning to Design Office Space

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Designing office space isn’t just about creating an environment that provides all the furniture and equipment to assist the office work. It’s something that goes beyond the physical and practical concerns by taking into account the psychological and emotional well-being of the people who work in the office. Hence, it’s important to critically consider certain […]

5 Things to Consider When Planning For a Commercial Building Renovation

Are you planning for a commercial building renovation? Want to update the existing working space? If the answer is yes, then wouldn’t it be good to consider a few things beforehand? We recommend you give a thought to certain things before the renovation starts. Here is what you need to consider- Determining The Budget Based […]

Is it worth to renovate your Office?

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Well, it depends how your refurbishment and renovation adds value to the office. Surely renovation adds the balance of aesthetics and functionality in office if you properly plan the budgets and know what renovations are worth doing for office space.  And this is why many Singapore office designers are shifting focus on budget friendly and […]