A Beginner’s Guide to Small Office Renovation in Singapore

Revamping your small office space in Singapore can be an exciting prospect. It’s a chance to create a work environment that reflects your brand identity, fosters increased productivity and prioritizes employee well-being. But navigating the renovation process, especially for first-timers, can feel overwhelming. This guide simplifies the journey for small businesses in Singapore, equipping you […]

Trends in Sustainable Office Interior Design in Singapore

Gone are the days of generic cubicles and harsh artificial lighting. Modern office spaces in Singapore are embracing eco-friendly practices and biophilic design principles to create work environments that are not only functional but also contribute to employee well-being and reduce environmental impact. Here’s a glimpse into some of the key trends shaping sustainable office […]

A Checklist for Commercial Building Renovation

Commercial building renovation is all about adding more value to the existing corporate structure and making more space within the infrastructural limitation. There are many big names associated with commercial building renovation that have their hands in reviving some of the world’s famous corporate buildings. A lot goes into making the plan of a commercial […]

A New Look

Commercial office renovation means the process of reconstructing and enhancing an already established office. Companies these days tend to refresh their office look after every 2-3 years to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and therefore commercial office renovations are quite a common activity to be seen these days all over the world. The basic […]

Wellness in the Workplace Part 3: The Impact of Workplace Design on Wellness of Employees

In the first part of this series, we talked about the benefits of having wellness in the workplace. In the second part, we shared some examples of workplace wellness initiatives, and one of the initiatives is office/ workplace design, which is the main topic of this article. When we talk about workplace design, the first […]

Office Interior

Office design and ambiance is the first thing which leaves an impression on the visitor. For instance, even if the individual owing the company is an interesting person to deal with, but his or her office is not at all pleasing to the eyes, the impression sets then and there. Therefore individuals and companies pay […]

Wellness in the Workplace Part 2: Examples of Workplace Wellness Initiatives

In the first part of our wellness in the workplace series, we talked about the benefits of having wellness in the workplace, if you have not read it, click here to read that article. Today, we will be sharing examples of workplace wellness initiatives to be implemented in the wellness program. This article would be […]