Leading Commercial Interior Design Company in Singapore

Commercial interior designing involves a more complex process compared to designing residential projects. It takes experts or professionals to provide you with the best solutions for office spaces.

At Ampersand, we have the country’s best teams to handle your projects. We don’t just base our designs according to trends alone. We want to deliver office spaces that are timeless, functional, and well-suited to your industry and operations. And since we want your clients to have a good impression about your company, our office designs will reflect your brand the best way possible.

What makes a good commercial interior design in Singapore?

With Ampersand, we value client satisfaction and that’s why we study your business operations when we propose commercial interior designs.

We want to provide you with design proposals that will increase your team’s productivity. That is why we take time in brainstorming and planning about the layout. We conduct research as well to ensure that our designs are backed up with proven studies. In addition, we try to understand the challenges of your team members. This will allow us to provide better solutions for the office space.

And with our office designs, we also include the following to ensure maximum productivity.

We only use quality lighting which is conducive for working. Using low-quality lights will not only decrease productivity, it can also be harmful to your health.

Apart from your brand colors, we suggest hues that can improve and encourage one’s creativity and innovative thinking. As commercial interior designers, we value colour psychology.

It can be stressful to only see papers and reports around the office. To break this cycle, we also add arts and even plants to balance emotions in the work area. This is important if you want to take care of your team’s mental and emotional health.

Our designs are made to bring growth to your business. It has been our objective for all our commercial interior design projects in Singapore. And we aim the same for you.