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Commercial spaces are huge spaces that are leased or rented out to office spaces. These spaces are designed in a unique way best to support the work force. The exterior and surroundings of a commercial space are designed for the comfort of the employees. A commercial space is a much more complex space to design as compared to a residential space.

A plan is an essential requirement in designing a commercial space. The plan is designed keeping the brand in mind and the space should be a reflection of its brand. The space is planned taking into considerations the ongoing trends of layouts in the market. The space is designed for the long term functioning and with a futuristic approach with the space being able to withstand any changes in the future.

There are 3 key main aspects in better designing a commercial space. The first being lighting of the space. Any commercial space should be properly lit in order to optimize the work and bad quality of light should be avoided which affects the work as well as the health. The second aspect being the colors used in the setup. Colors act as motivators and mood enhancers. Vibrant colors are encouraged which increase creativity along with the brand colors. The third aspect being Art in a work space. This enhances the emotional segment of the employees.

Ampersand is experts in designing commercial spaces with an edge. They not only design the space that are trending but also make sure they suit the brand they are designing it for. They have expert designers who make sure your commercial space will be both functionally unique and aesthetically outstanding.

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