Does your Workplace needs Facelift? – Trending ideas for Office Designing

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Thinking to give a new face to the outdated office space? Then go for it!!

Most of the companies understand the impact of renovating office space on productivity and culture. Commercial renovation of building makes better use of existing space and reflects the culture, brand and value of company.

So, here we are listing the trending ideas for designing office Interiors or renovation:

  • Working in Color:

For a more lively touch, we recommend to add the graphic designs filled with bright colors. Also you can integrate the brand colors so your office space upholds a reflection of what your business is all about. You can add colorful pictures or frames too!! This will have psychological impact on employees and clients as well.

  • Green Thumb:

Office interior designs that include sustainability are often overlooked. But you can renovate or design the office by considering it. Paperless office, LED lights, reusable products can really help. Make use of outdoor accessories such as beautiful flowers on desk to add a refreshing touch. Also ceilings can be built in such a way that natural daylight reaches to the space.

  • Lights, Lights and Lights:

Many Singapore based office interior designers knows importance of lightning in office spaces and accordingly uses relevant lightning options to give liveliness in workspace. You can choose from easy going table lamps to shining chandeliers or a wall scones, picture and track lightning. This brings balance of aesthetic with functionality.

  • Do not forget Flooring:

Most of the time flooring is overlooked, what really important is that flooring is actually the first thing a person notices when they enter your workspace. While renovating commercial building you can either use carpets, rugs or use dramatic to simple tiles for better floor styling.

Overall we can say that with the commercial renovations of office buildings gaining momentum, many offices are planning to try new designs for workspace. And you too can add the touch of it to your workspace by properly planning the designing ideas that are trending the buzz. We recommend implementing the ideas above to give an appealing look for your office.

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