Engineering Services

At Ampersand, we only work with professional engineers to ensure the safety of your office space. This is because we understand that office interiors are not just for aesthetics.

Our engineers are experts in local building codes and regulations which our designs strongly adhere to. They consistently undergo trainings to ensure that they have the latest knowledge about the best processes and materials available in the market.

How can you identify good engineering services?

Engineers are expected to have good communication skills. This is so they can get their message across the team. Instead of using technical terms, they know how to translate it in layman’s terms to ensure that they are well-understood. With this, they can complete the project as precise as possible.

In addition, engineers should know how to become a team player as they need to work with other professionals. These professionals include architects, interior designers, and other skilled workers to name a few. Having this skill is essential to finish projects on time while minimizing conflicts during construction.

Engineers need to be highly analytical and should know how to solve problems the fastest time possible. In our company, you can expect highly-qualified engineers for your project. We have a stringent process before they can join our team.

Most importantly, engineers must have the necessary licenses and accreditation. At Ampersand, we make sure that our engineers have completed and acquired necessary certificates and licenses. We want to entrust your projects to legitimate professionals as we always value quality in all our office designs.

Lastly, we want to create office designs that are of quality yet environmental-friendly. At Ampersand, we are able to achieve this with our pool of trusted engineers.