Frasers Property – Office Interior Design & Renovation Project

With their employee’s wellness in mind, Frasers Property decided to implement a hybrid work arrangement to give its employees flexibility. Instead of having separate departments in a different office, Frasers decided to house the various departments in one of the existing offices. Having had experience in hybrid offices, Frasers Property entrusted us with their office renovation project.

The client wanted to have an office where their employees would look forward to coming back after almost 2 years of working from home. We worked closely with our client to decide on the colors that help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As there were not a lot of windows in the office, we had to make sure that the lighting was enough to create a conducive working environment.

We managed to help our client achieve their office renovation goals and we are glad that our client was happy with the final result of their office renovation.

Country: Singapore
Floor Size: 5,100

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