NXP – Office Interior Design & Renovation Singapore

A good example of a hybrid office is NXP Singapore office The whole office is meant to serve more than 120 staff within 7,600 sqft floor area that is compacted with technology and facilities to support the staff productivity.

The pantry area is designed to cater to both the staff and guests The adjacent meeting rooms can be opened up to form a big space that is good for town hall meetings and big office events.

Meeting rooms can be expanded and converted to a training room while manager rooms can be used as meeting room should there be a short fall.  Phonebooths are provided to give privacy and a hut for staff who wants to stay focus. Rooms are equipped with booking system.

NXP is placing security above all, and on par with it is the wellness of their staff. Space between benches are planned in a way that adhere  closely to the safe-distancing measures, in addition, the provision of high panel pods offer complete flexibility and privacy within the general office area.

Country: Singapore
Floor Size: 7,600

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