Phaidon Office Renovation Project

Phaidon International is a global specialist recruitment agency with 6 award-winning brands. We have worked with Phaidon at their previous office, and we are happy that they appointed us for the design and build of their new office which is situated at 30 Raffles Place. We worked closely with Phaidon at every stage of the office interior design process and came up with an office that is both functional and aesthetic with a strong corporate identity.

Since Phaidon occupies the whole level, the lift opens directly to their office, and they will be greeted with a huge signage wall with logos of all Phaidon’s brands. Immediately on the right side would be the reception/ holding area. To give a strong sense of corporate identity, the corporate branding graphic is added just behind the reception table as well as throughout the whole office. To add more life to the area, we used the moss wall at the holding area.

Being a recruitment agency, interviewing candidates is one of the core activities of Phaidon, therefore, in their new office space, they require sufficient meeting rooms that employees can use for interviewing candidates as well as other internal and external meetings. A number of the meeting rooms are situated near the holding area so that external personnel could use the meeting room without getting into the office area.

As collaboration at all levels is essential at Phaidon, they wanted to have a town hall area that could be used to gather the whole office for formal or celebratory events. Being close to the pantry makes it very convenient to organize informal/celebratory events that involve food and drinks.

As Phaidon emphasizes employees’ wellness,thereofre in this office renovation, maximising the amount of natural light for their employees was very important. Therefore, the whole general office area is placed directly next to the windows with no blockage.

Country: Singapore
Floor Size: 11,000 sqft

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