Riedel Communications Office Interior Design Project

Riedel Communications manufactures and distributes innovative real-time networks for video, audio, and communications. Its products are used for broadcast, pro-audio, events, sports, theater, and security applications worldwide. The company is known for pioneering digital audio matrix systems, as well as SDI and IP-based media networks.

At Riedel communications, quality is one of their top priorities, therefore, when selecting an office interior design company for their Singapore office, they also expect the same. Throughout the whole office interior design and renovation process, we worked closely with Riedel. There is a huge sense of pride that each Riedel employee has and, in our design, we would like to help showcase that. When designing the holding area, we wanted to create a bold statement and one that represents Riedel. We achieved that by using Riedel corporate red on the whole wall as well as on the floor. On the left side of the holding area, we placed a TV there to showcase all of the work and events that Riedel is involved in worldwide. On the right side of the holding area is the demo room, we used glass so that visitors can Riedel’s product from the holding area.

At Riedel, employees not only go to the office to work but also to have fun and bond with their colleagues. Therefore, when creating the pantry, we wanted to create a more cosy and warm space while still displaying Riedel’s identity. In a lot of companies, the TVs are either used to show news or company-related media, however, at Riedel, it is used by employees to play games and bond therefore we added a comfortable couch where they can relax and have fun. We also added some plants and wood elements in the design as they have been shown to increase mental well-being.

To increase collaboration amongst staff, we adopt an open floor concept. Even though it is an open concept, the distance between each workstation is large enough to ensure the privacy and comfort of the employees. Another benefit of the open concept is that everyone in the office will benefit from all the natural light coming into the office. A phone booth for 2 is added so that employees have a space to go to if they need some privacy.

Country: Singapore
Floor Size: 2,100

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