XP Power Office Interior Design / Office Renovation Project

XP Power is an existing client of Ampersand, we have been helping with their office renovation needs in their previous office. When they decided to move into a new office space, they appointed Ampersand to be in-charge of their new office interior design / office renovation project.

The new office is situated at one of the newly upgraded light industrial buildings that aims to secure a Green Mark Certification.

The goal of this office design & build project is to consolidate 3 different functions of XP Power at 3 different locations into one single office space to streamline business operations.

The new office occupies the whole floor of about 25,700 sqft to house an office for 75 staff with room for expansion, plenty of collaboration area, and functional meeting rooms which offer flexibility & promote transparency & camaraderie; conducive space for R&D team of 31 test benches and chamber rooms; and warehouse for more than 270 pallets.

Overall, our client is very satisfied with the outcome of their office renovation.

Country: Singapore
Floor Size: 25,700

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