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With the passage of time and introduction of various technologies, offices are no longer a dingy place where everyone stays cramped, leaning their heads on the desk and looking at the files. With the desktops and laptops replacing the paperwork and physical records, it is best to change the design of your office, taking the help of expert commercial renovation services.

It has been found through researches that half of the employees in any office stay away from their desks and work remotely from other places. Therefore, a paradigm shift is taking place in office culture, and the floor space in offices needs to be redesigned for optimum use.

The other aspects

Apart from the above working habits, it has been seen that many companies like the startups are cutting down their initial investment cost of land and building and opting for co-working spaces. If we look into the statistics, we will see that around 19000 co-working spaces are in existence worldwide during the year 2019, and the numbers are increasing daily. And is going to increase around 8000 in the next five years, and Singapore is not out of the list as it is one of Asia’s hotspots for all major economic activities.

Any Singapore office designer, therefore, is shifting their focus from the traditional designs and giving thoughts to this aspect and turning them to reality. The trend of shared office spaces will continue for many years in the future as per industry experts.

It is time to design the office and the commercial places as per activities, and the days of constructing a huge building and making cubicles for the employees to work is over. Dedicated workstations are no more in much demand, and it only reflects poor office space adaptation. Again, it has been seen that many industry houses have wound up due to improper use of office space, often spending nearly 30 to 50% of their investments on land and building and other physical assets used in the offices. It has burnt a hole in their pocket.

A good Singapore office designer can guide any industry house big or small for using minimum yet optimal office space to carry on the work and how to use the unutilized commercial space judiciously and cover up the expenses of owning them and earn revenues. Therefore commercial renovation services are gaining momentum to bail out the cash strapped industry houses or to think differently for any developer so that recurring dividends can be earned leasing the space like making them co-working cubicles and likewise.

It is time to consult the best office designers in Singapore and cut down the investment cost and stay afloat doing business in this time of severe and challenging market competition. Any wrong investment can be fatal, and one should act judiciously defining the need and the purpose and go as per the advice of the office designer. It is time to survive to design your office in such a manner that the employees are happy as well as the returns are more per square feet utilization of the floor space.

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