Office Interior Design & Renovation Process

Anyone who has handled an office interior design or office renovation project will know that it is quite a complex process. There are many steps involved even before the construction phase. To have a successful office renovation, the client must understand the different stages that are involved. The main phases of a successful office renovation project will include:

  1. Strategic Planning Phase
  2. Design Development Phase
  3. Construction Documentation Phase
  4. Construction Phase
  5. Project Completion Phase

Strategic Planning Phase

The very first step that we take is to conduct a client survey because the more we know about our clients the better it is for us to deliver a bespoke design that is specific to their needs and wants. Here is a list of some of the points to address in the initial client survey:

  1. What works and what they do not like in their current office space
  2. What is the working culture like in the organisation
  3. If they already have a new office space in mind, if they have a few office spaces in mind, we can help them to analyze the office space that best suit their needs
  4. What is their budget?
  5. What is the timeline?
  6. How their organisation and employees work
  7. What are the furniture and equipment that they will be reusing?

After the survey, it would be useful if the client will allow us to conduct a site survey on their existing office to further allow us to understand more about them. Next, we will conduct a site survey on the new office space to measure the site, take photos, and find out the important things to note, like the location of the distribution board, the number of the service outlet box, and the location of the lights.

Design Development Phase

The first step in the design development phase is to lock down the space planning. We will come up with the first layout draft based on the client’s space requirement and all the information gathered in the previous phase. We will work closely with our clients to make amendments to the layout until they are happy and satisfied with the layout. Once the layout is finalised, we will begin to create 3D visuals and finalise the colour palette, materials, furnishes, and furniture with the client’s approval.

Construction Documents Phase

 In this phase, we will start to work on the construction drawings and get approval from our client before submission to the relevant authorities for approval. It is important that the construction drawings be accurate because plumbers, carpenters, and electricians will depend on these drawings.

Construction Phase

Once all the approvals are obtained, construction work can begin. First, we will do the site marking and walk it through with the client to give them a better understanding of the space. Next, we will conduct a kick-off meeting involving all stakeholders and subcontractors. A project manager will be assigned to make sure that the construction is going according to the schedule and to manage the risk throughout the whole office renovation project. The project manager will also be responsible to call for meetings with all stakeholders whenever any risk arises that will threaten the on-time completion of the office renovation.

Project Completion Phase

The final phase for most office interior design companies will be the handover of the project. Before the handover, there will be 1 -2 walkthroughs to look for defects 1 to 2 weeks before the official handover date, so that the office interior design company will be able to rectify the defects before the handover.

At Ampersand, we provide after-sales support to make sure that the hassle of maintaining the new office will be lessened. No matter how small the work is, our clients can be sure that we will assist them to solve their problems. If you are looking for an office interior design company to help with your office renovation project, you can drop us an email at for a non-obligatory quote.