Construction Services

At Ampersand, quality is our number one priority. Having said that, we are strict when it comes to outsourcing services, most especially with construction.

Our partners in the building construction industry have already proven their work with the multiple projects they have completed. The services that are carried out by them include physical, M&E, and IT infrastructure that are prevalent in all establishments.

How do we choose our partners for construction services?

To ensure that the projects will be delivered on time and according to the agreed standards, we also have a stringent process when working with industry partners. We look for the following:

Experience and track record

We understand the importance of experience as this gives any company leverage. They know which systems work bestand they have strong connections with other industry partners. This saves time and energy when completing the project.

In addition, a track record is also important. Five years in the business coupled with an amazing reputation is better than a company of 10 years but with numerous red flags and unfinished projects.

Latest equipment and technology

A construction company must have the latest equipment and technology to efficiently work on our projects. Having such investments is also a manifestation that the company wants to provide the best for our clients.


Since completing an office space entails different processes, we want the construction company to have a communication plan in place. This will allow us to have an overview of the progress and to instantly see if there are challenges.

Commitment to safety

And lastly, we only work with construction companies that value safety above everything else. Before working with them, we try to understand all their safety measures and business contingency plans. We want everything to be smooth sailing and to minimize risk throughout the construction of the project.

With Ampersand and our partner companies providing construction services, you are sure to get the ideal office design that was agreed upon.