Pre-leased Consulting Services

At Ampersand, we understand the need for pre-leased consulting services. Looking for the perfect space is crucial for an effective and efficient business, and not all office spaces are conducive for your operations. Thus, we help our clients in finding the best office space by doing the following:

Guide - Hiring Commercial Interior Designers

Studying the business requirements

Our team of professionals will draft proposals according to your business needs. We envision maximizing every inch and every corner of your office. We aim for a space wherein your team will be more inspired to work. And we suggest initial ideas for designs and layouts that will represent your brand well.

Sharing Cost Estimates

As someone who also runs a business, we perfectly understand that you work on a specific budget, specifically for office renovations and designs. Having said that, we encourage you to be transparent with your allotted budget for the project. This gives us an idea if it should be adjusted. At the same time, we propose solutions that are already available in the market.

What to expect during the pre-leased consulting stage?

At this stage, there are crucial points that both of our teams will need to discuss in order to build the perfect office space for your company. Here are some of those:

This is according to your industry and the number of your team members. Consider if you regularlyentertain guests or clients in your office as well. At ampersand, you will be present in the brainstorming sessions to make sure that the design is perfect for your needs.

We work on designs according to your budget without of course, compromising quality.

The design of your office plays a huge role in your team’s efficiency. For example, people who are in the creative industry or arts would benefit from an open office design to encourage collaboration. However, for industries holding confidential information such as law or accounting firms, then a closed office design is more ideal.

We also want to provide your employees a dedicated space where they can pause and relax. Thus, integrating amenities and additional facilities are recommended when designing an office space.

In today’s age, offices are not just about chairs and desks. It’s about creating a space that is both visually appealing and functional. With Ampersand’s pre-leased consulting services, these things will be discussed right away.