Importance of the Design Development Phase

What is Design Development Phase in Office Interior Design

After the strategic planning phase, the next step in an office renovation design project is the design development phase. Simply put, the design development phase is the stage where the interior designer will work closely with their corporate clients to develop schematics, plans, material/fixture specifications as well as furniture specifications.

The interior designers will have to ensure that the design development phase is aligned with the strategic planning phase to meet the client’s requirements. Essentially this phase is to help translate the client’s vision into a roadmap that will be used by contractors during the construction phase. There are benefits of this phase and we will be discussing them in this article.

Benefits of the Design Development Phase

1. Reduce Mistakes and Risks During the Construction Phase

The most important benefit of the design and development phase is to reduce mistakes made during the construction phase. As the design will be finalized and confirmed by the client, contractors will just need to follow the design specification during the construction phase of the office renovation. In the event that mistakes have already been made, it will be easy for someone to spot the mistake when they are looking at the construction drawings.

2. Ensure that the Design of the Office Can Be Completed Within the Construction Timeline

The overall office design can have a major impact on the time needed for the construction phase. The more complex the design, the more time is needed during the construction of the office. There are times when companies have a tight deadlines that the interior design company has to adhere to. Therefore, during the design phase, it is the job of the interior designer to let the client know if the design, material, furniture, and equipment that they are proposing can be achieved, and if not, to suggest design alternatives that would meet the construction timeline.

3. Ensure That the Design of the Office is Within the Clients’ Budget

There will usually be a clear budget that will be set aside for a company’s office. When proposing the design of the office, the interior design company has to ensure that it is within the client’s budget. If the clients do not have the budget set, the interior design can provide a few design options so that the client can have a visual representation of what they would be getting at the various price levels. Clients will often get the chance to take a look at the sample proposed and can decide for themselves if the lower-cost item is acceptable to them.

4. Prevent Dispute After Completion

One of the biggest benefits is the prevention of disputes after completion. Sometimes at the end of the construction, the client may not be happy with the result stating that the design is not according to what was decided. It can be a pain on both sides trying to explain their position by searching through emails and text messages. In the design development stage, the construction drawings will be reviewed, approved, and signed by the client. Therefore, in the event of such disputes, both parties can rely on these drawings to see what was agreed upon and the Interior Design company can make amendments if it was indeed their mistake.

In conclusion, due to the importance of the design and development phase, companies should allocate sufficient time for it and not start to plan their office renovation at the last minute.

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