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Real Estate Company

This office is what the real definition of an open concept office is; all physical barriers in this office are removed to create a more open and inviting environment for employees. For this office renovation and interior design project, all employees, including the most senior role are seated in an open floor office. This helps facilitate collaboration and remove barrier of junior staff to engage with more senior staff. However, there are times when an employee will need to have more privacy. Therefore, there are 4 zoom rooms that can fit 2 – 3 pax in each room where employees can go to take calls that require more privacy. Also, smaller meeting rooms are available for employees to use if they need a space for discussion or team meetings.

Real Estate Company

Scope of WorkOffice Interior Design / Office Renovation Project
Floor Size6,000 sqft

Access to natural light can have tremendous benefits on an employee’s wellbeing, including reducing eye strains, headaches, and blurred vision. Therefore, all the meeting rooms and zoom rooms are place away of the window so that the general work area will have the maximum natural light as possible.

In terms of the aesthetic of the office, we followed their corporate guidelines and colours to give the office space a clean and open look. This allows their corporate graphic wall sticker to stand out and be the focal point in each area.