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Upon entering the office, visitors will be greeted with an impressive and impactful signage wall. The constrast between the black and the warm, dark wood tones in the holding area gives visitors the feeling of grand, luxury, and at the same time inviting and welcoming. The color scheme continues throughout the whole office, together with lighter colours make the office look more dynamic.


Scope of WorkOffice Renovation Project
Floor Size1,516

The pantry is located just beside the holding area. The pantry has a fluted wooden door that flushes with the wall, therefore making it invisible to guests when it is closed.

Due to the limited space, careful planning of the office space was very critical in the success completion of this office interior design project. Every available space is being utilised cleverly to optimise storage space.

The unique feature of this office interior design project is that it has a tea room that is used to engage with clients in a less formal manner.