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Transamerica is one of Ampersand’s oldest clients, from D&B, minor alterations to maintenance over the years, and we have a build a good working relationship. Therefore, for their latest office renovation, Transamerica contacted us to provide them with pre-lease consulting services to help them choose the best office space for their space requirement.


Scope of WorkOffice Interior Design & Renovation Project
Floor Size3,600

During the site selection, Ampersand’s on-site assessment and recommendation enable the client to make a quick decision in choosing the best-fitted unit to take over. This resulted in cost savings during the office renovation project.

We were going for a modern industrial look, therefore, we used black, a colour that is not very commonly used in an office space. The open ceiling helped to sell the look. To create a more soft and warm feeling, we used elements of nature, such as wood/ wood patterns as well as plants.